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What is the COVID safe plan?

To comply with Qld Government directives and medical advice concerning COVID-19, all our Practical Philosophy courses were moved to an online platform earlier this year. Qld Government regulations now allow safe opening of our building. We are complying with these regulations to ensure a COVID safe venue and will be constantly reviewing our practices and procedures.

Please remember that if you have any symptoms of acute respiratory disease (cough, sore throat, shortness of breath or fever or history of fever) do not come into the building. Arrange to get a COVID– 19 test and then wait for a negative result before returning.

When is the next course offered?

See upcoming courses for more details. The courses are offered each year in February, May and September.  The course is usually presented twice a week with days and evenings varying each term. This gives you the option of varying your attendance each week. Sessions last about two and a half hours, including a break for refreshments.

Is any prior knowledge needed?

No. The course is designed to appeal to a wide cross-section of the community. It is suitable for everyone regardless of education, occupation, age, race, political or religious belief.

What is the format of the classes?

A tutor presents material and facilitates discussion based on what arises. Students are encouraged neither to accept nor reject the ideas put forward, but to test these ideas in their own life, in the light of their own experience.

What do I need to bring with me?

Just an open and inquiring mind. You will be provided with a booklet with key points and quotations.

Will I get a certificate or qualification?

These are not academic courses. They are practical rather than theoretical. There are no exams or certificates.

Is there any homework?

Yes and no. There is no formal homework. In the spirit of the basic approach, however, students are invited to put what is discussed into practice and to observe its effect and relevance in light of their own experience and share these with the group the next week.

How much do the Courses cost?

The online Introductory Course is free.

Foundation courses cost $160 and ongoing courses cost $220 or $130 concession. 

How can I enrol for the Introductory course?

You can enrol via the link on the Introductory Course page.
When classes resume at the building in Brisbane, there is also the option to arrive early in order to enrol in person.

What overall benefit can I expect to derive from the course?

Life in the world is often unpredictable and turbulent. We tend to be at the mercy of events external to ourselves, and experience happiness and sorrow accordingly. The course is intended to provide a deeper insight into the nature of creation and a practical means of going beyond ordinary awareness in order to experience peace and happiness of our essential being.

What does the course cover?

The course has plenty in it for anyone interested in the world in which we live. Concepts considered include elements from some of the great philosophic teachers and texts of the world such as Socrates, Plato, Emerson, Confucius, Shakespeare, the Bible, the Upanishads, Buddha and Śrī Śāntānanda Sarasvatī, a modern exponent of the philosophy of unity.

What other courses are offered?

Following the Introductory Course the School offers further courses. Topics include HappinessLoveInner Peace, and Presence of Mind. The topics follow on from the Introductory Course and each one builds on the previous material.

Is Meditation offered? What type?

Yes. Meditation is offered as a technique for coming to stillness and connecting with the inner being. The approach to meditation makes use of a mantra and was devised and made available by one of the ancient philosophical traditions of India. Meditation is the cornerstone of the Teaching, particularly in later courses.

What is the Building Fund?

At present, course fees paid by students in the School are used to pay for the lease and service costs of our present building. The intention in purchasing a property will be to establish a permanent home for the School to ensure the School’s long term success and to act as a study and meditation retreat for existing students, and as a cultural centre for the people of Brisbane.

The purchase and maintenance of a property will depend primarily upon tax deductible donations to the Building Fund and fundraising events.

The Building Fund is a registered charity and all donations are 100% tax deductible. Your donation, however small, will greatly assist in the purchase of a property, and ensure a permanent home base for the Brisbane School of Philosophy as well as a study centre of excellence for all the people of Brisbane.

Tax receipts will be issued on request. The School’s financial accounts are independently audited each year and a copy of the auditor’s report is available for review upon request.

The practical nature of the course material helped me overcome many internal and external conflicts within day to day living and understanding generally - Student, 2017

It is not religious based, pushy or judgemental. Has helped me enormously in changing my mindset - Student, 2017



If your questions was not answered, please contact us and we will respond directly to you.