Ongoing Courses


After completing the Introductory and Foundation courses, you are invited to continue your adventure in practical philosophy. Further courses are offered, which serve to expand and deepen students’ appreciation of the search for wisdom. 

Practical philosophy is not so much a subject of study as it is a way of life, and these courses provide the opportunity for ongoing exploration. There are many students around the world who have been attending the School’s courses for several decades!

Information about the next courses to be offered in term 2, 2024 (commencing in late May) is available below.

Eligibility criteria may apply to ongoing courses and students transferring from other locations or returning from a break in attendance are invited to contact us before enrolling.

Freedom in Action

The aim of Practical Philosophy is to be free. Last term we began to explore philosophical freedom. As part of freedom, we seek to see everything in proper perspective, to realise our full potential, to come to know ourselves. This term we will continue to deepen our consideration of freedom through the realm of action.

Prerequisite: completion of the Freedom course.


Our subject this term is rebirth, or reincarnation. This is an idea common to cultures throughout the world. One reason for considering the subject is because the idea of reincarnation has been so widely held. It is an idea accepted both in the Buddhist and Hindu teachings; it was part of ancient Greek and Egyptian thought; it has appeared in abundant diversity around the world. An idea that has had, and continues to have, such currency is worthy of attention. Another reason is that the idea can help us live more philosophically.

Prerequisite: completion of the Measure course

The Desire for Truth

This term we look at the desire for truth and how that can be strengthened and allowed to grow. We look at the divine qualities described in the Bhagavad Gītā, beginning with fearlessness, and then the steps on the way to realising the truth, commencing with the desire for truth, decision, refinement of mind and the region of light.

Prerequisite: completion of The Three Lines of Work


This term we will consider the inner aspects of the human being and how they relate to the universal.

Human beings are formed in the image of the universe. The human being is in truth a universe in small. This means that by understanding our own being we may come to understand the being of the universe in which we live. Universe is the macrocosm, and the embodied human is the microcosm. In realising our identity with the macrocosm, we come closer to the universal.

Prerequisite: completion of Call of Truth

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Freedom in Action
Wed, 22 May 7pm
Sat, 25 May 10am

Mon, 20 May 7pm

The Desire for Truth
Sat, 25 May 10am

Sat, 25 May 10am

12 weeks

Full: $220
Concession: $170

The concession rate is available to those with a full-time student, pensioner concession or unemployment card. 

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