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This course page is for ongoing students who have been attending Practical Philosophy Online classes in the Australian time zone. Below is some information regarding the courses available in term one, 2024 beginning in late January/early February.

Way of Knowledge

Action, devotion and knowledge are common to everyone. We can work with these to fully discover our true nature. This term we look at the way of knowledge. The knowledge that we are interested in here is the knowledge about how to live in a way that is liberating, satisfying and full. It tells us the difference between the fake and the authentic liberation.

Prerequisite: Completion of the first half of the Way of Devotion course.

The Tenfold Dharma

The subject of this term is the tenfold dharma: patience, forgiveness, self-control, not stealing, purification, mastery over senses, spiritual intellect, spiritual knowledge, truth and lack of anger; how these ten aspects of human nature can be practised.

Prerequisite: Completion of Desire for Truth.


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Way of Knowledge and the Tenfold Dharma
Tue, 30 January

Thu, 1 February

12 weeks

$100 AUD

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